Mission: The Hollywood Animal Charities is the charitable arm of the Hollywood Animal Clinic located in Hollywood, SC. The Hollywood Animal Charities has two basic missions. One mission is to provide educational opportunities for high school students, college students and veterinary students through job shadowing opportunities and delivering educational materials about healthy pet care to the public. The second mission of the Hollywood Animal Charities is to supplement and assist residents of Hollywood, SC with their veterinary care if they lack the means to cover their veterinary bills generated at Hollywood Animal Clinic and they qualify for federal aid. Although the Hollywood Animal Charities does not provide adoption or sheltering services, the Hollywood Animal Clinic can help provide veterinary care services to bona fide shelter animals for reduced costs supplemented through the Hollywood Animal Charities. We believe that the combination of these two missions will improve the animal welfare of the pets in the Hollywood and surrounding areas.


Information regarding pet care, new puppy and kitten care and geriatric pet care will be available for public distribution.

Job Shadowing

High school students, college students and veterinary students will have the opportunity to job shadow as time permits.

Financial Support

Residents of Hollywood, SC nay need financial support to care for their pets. If a resident qualifies for federal aid, the Hollywood Animal Charities will attempt to assist in providing services for their pet care at the Hollywood Animal Clinic.

Shelter Support

Pets residing in animal shelters often need veterinary care. The Hollywood Animal Charities will provide financial support for their veterinary care at the Hollywood Animal Clinic. Pet shelters must be registered to qualify.